May 28, 2018  
2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Computer Science


Computing Services 214
Greg Pleva, Chair

Professor Associate Professor Adjunct Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Daniel Harvey Peter Nordquist Lynn Ackler George Converse
 Daniel Wilson Greg Pleva Dian Brandenburg Lee Hill
  Kevin Sahr Joe Caron Ken Larson
    Tim Morton Robert McCoy
      Richard Peddicord

Computer science is an exciting and growing field with career opportunities ranging from running a small business to working in industry, government, or education. The computer science major emphasizes the current trend toward networking, computer security, and the Internet. The capstone experience prepares students for the job market by providing real-world work experienc

Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program

Computer science majors may participate in the Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program. For more information, see the Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program section.

Choosing a Major

Because computer science options are similar, students do not need to choose one until their sophomore or junior year. Students primarily interested in business information systems should choose the CIS option, while those whose main interest is programming should opt for CPS. CMM is available for students who want to combine multimedia and computer science fundamentals. The CSIA option allows students to focus on security and timely information transfer.

Digital Media Foundations

Through the College of Arts and Sciences, SOU provides interdisciplinary instruction in visual narrative, design, and creation of visuals in a digital age. For information on Digital Media Foundations courses, see the Course Descriptions .

Graduate Program

The department offers a Master of Science degree in Applied Computer Science, designed to allow students to pursue advanced training in computer science while simultaneously developing workplace skills highly valued by employers.  See the Graduate Studies section of the catalog for more information on this program.

Program Requirements