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2012-13 Catalog 
2012-13 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Art and Art History


Art 117
Margaret Sjogren, Chair

Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Senior Instructor Adjunct Professor
Marlene Alt David Bithell Melissa Geppert Jennifer Longshore  
Cody Bustamante Erika Leppmann     Karen Finnegan
Miles Inada  Robin Stranfeld     Steven LaRose
Donald Kay       Phyllis Trowbridge
Greer Markle        Robin Wyshak
Margaret  Sjogren        
Tracy Templeton        

Department of Art and Art History degree programs embrace tradional, as well as contemporary practices of the discipline. Our curriculum develops creativity and lifelong learning in our students, preparing them for careers and graduate degrees in the visual arts and related fields.

The Department of Art and Art History offers courses in ceramics, digital art, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, art history, and art education.

Teacher Licensing/Art Endorsement

Students who would like to teach Art at the middle or high school level should schedule an advising session with the Art Education instructor and contact the School of Education regarding admission requirements for the Master of Arts in Teaching program (MAT).

Students are advised to begin their planning during their junior year to assure that they will have completed all the prerequisite course work as well as documented volunteer experiences working with youth.  A list of prerequisite courses is available in the Art Department Office, along with contact information for the Art Education instructor.

International Study At The University of Guanajuato Department of Visual Arts

The Department of Art and Art History encourages international study experiences in the Department of Art at our sister institution, the University of Guanajuato, Guanajuato Mexico. Their art programs offer a comprehensive curriculum. Contact Professor Cody A. Bustamante for more information.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Students completing requirements for an interdisciplinary degree in the College of Arts & Sciences may meet a portion of the major requirements with upper division coures in the field of art.  See the Interdisciplinary Studies section for a complete description of the electives and requirements for this program. Interdisciplinary majors must have a planned program and a chosen department or program of emphasis approved by the time they have completed 121 credits.

Emerging Media & Digital Arts

The departments of Art and Art History, Communication, and the center for Emerging Media & Digital Arts provide interdisciplinary instruction in visual narrative, design, and creation of visuals in a digital age. Students develop fundamental analytical and practical skills in constructing, composing, and evaluating digital media. Emphasis in this area reflects the increasing digitalization of society, as well as the dispersion of multi-mediated, non-linear forms of knowledge in the twenty-first century. See EMDA for course descriptions.

Museum Studies

The Schneider Museum of Art, the galleries at the Center for the Visual Arts, and other galleries on campus provide excellent opportunities for students in all majors to learn the basic skills for exhibiting and handling valuable objects.  The Department of Art and Art History offers courses where students can learn about handling art and artifacts and designing exhibitions, as well as gaining an understanding of the theory and processes for organizing exhibitions. Students learn through hands-on experience how to manage projects, and about the issues facing museums and galleries.

Degree Options

BA or BS in Art,  Studio Art option

BA in Art, Art History option

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art

Program Requirements








Creative Activities

Art History

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