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2012-13 Catalog 
2012-13 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Options

SOU offers several established interdisciplinary majors and minors, as well as the option to create an independent interdisciplinary major. Students may select from a list of established interdisciplinary majors, such as business-chemistry, business-mathematics, business-physics, environmental studies, human service, international studies, mathematics-computer science, and music-business. Established interdisciplinary minors are available in applied multimedia, Native American studies, Shakespeare studies, and women’s studies.
Students may also propose independent interdisciplinary majors from two or more majors, programs, or schools. Independent interdisciplinary majors must be planned with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

Independent Interdisciplinary Major

Independent interdisciplinary majors provide considerable flexibility for combining the study of several academic disciplines to create a single major. The independent interdisciplinary major enables the student to reflect and act on how such a combination of the chosen disciplines enhances one’s educational and professional goals. Almost all of the academic disciplines available at the University may be used in this interdisciplinary degree structure, but departments and programs retain the authority to determine which courses may be used to shape these interdisciplinary majors.
The independent interdisciplinary degree typically includes coursework from two or more academic departments/programs. Students must choose two of these as departments/programs of emphasis. Students then work with an advisor to draft a letter outlining the courses they will take to complete their interdisciplinary major. This letter of agreement is kept on file by the registrar.


Students should consult the department of primary concentration. The department of emphasis is responsible for providing academic advising and ensuring that all requirements are completed.

Program Requirements