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2012-13 Catalog 
2012-13 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Program


Music 142

Director of the Department of Performing Arts: David Humphrey

Coordinator of Music Program:  Terry Longshore

Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Adjunct Faculty Emeritus Faculty
Rhett L. Bender Fredna Grimland Jeff Richmond   Margaret Evans

Paul T. French

Cynthia Hutton


Todd Barton

Max McKee

Terry Longshore  Vicki Purslow  

Martin  Behnke

Alexander Tutunov     Tessa Brinckman  

Andrew Brock


Scott  Cole

      Steve  Davidson  

James Edwards


Kimberly Fitch


Kristina Foltz

      Jodi French  

Laurie Hunter


Mark Jacobs


Bryan Jeffs


Walter Kermode


Kristin Kessler

      Phebe Kimball  

Martin Majkut


Don Matthews


Katheryn McElrath


David Miller


Ellie Holt-Murray


Fred Schmidt


Kirby Shaw

      Lisa Truelove  
      Ed Wight  
      Chris Williams  

The Department of Performing Arts: Music offers music majors and minors an integrated curriculum designed to teach the varied skills necessary for a professional career in music and to develop the student’s understanding and appreciation for the art of music. Coursework combines class and individual instruction by nationally and internationally renowned artists with innovative, computer-aided instruction. Curricular offerings are designed to enable highly motivated students with diverse musical backgrounds to become skilled musicians capable of making artistic musical contributions to society as performers, educators, composers, scholars, music-business professionals, and active supporters and appreciators of music.

SOU has been designated by the Oregon University System as a Center of Excellence in the Fine and Performing Arts. The Department of Music is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. The faculty is dedicated to promoting a positive, student-centered environment in which students—by performance, creative activity, research, scholarship, and teaching opportunities—develop the skills, independence of thought, and discipline to fulfill their musical aspirations.

Musical Organizations

The following organizations are open to qualified students by instructor consent: Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Jefferson State Choral Coalition, Opera Workshop, Symphonic Band, Instrumental Jazz Ensemble, Rogue Valley Symphony Orchestra, Raider Athletic Pep Band, Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon, Saxophone Quartet, Clarinet Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Percussion Quartet, Woodwind Quintet, Gamelan Ensemble, Horn Quartet, Saxophone Orchestra, Brass Quintet, Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Combo, and Chamber Ensemble. In addition to serving as an integral part of the musical training of majors, these organizations enable nonmajors to participate in musical performances. Students may also seek membership in MENC, a student branch of the national organization for the advancement of music education. Students in MENC attend conferences for music educators, plan and prepare presentations and workshops, assist local music teachers, and serve the department in a variety of ways.


There is a limited number of performance scholarships available to outstanding students who are planning to major in music. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of a performance audition held in February for the following academic year. Applications are available at the Music Department or online at www.sou.edu/music.

Teacher Licensing

Students who would like to teach music at the early childhood/elementary or middle school/high school level in Oregon public schools must complete a bachelor’s degree in music before applying for admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at SOU. Interested students should consult the Department of Music for an appropriate advisor and the School of Education regarding admission requirements for the MAT program.
Students must prepare in advance to increase their chances of acceptance into this competitive program. Practica, internships, and volunteer experiences working with children in the public schools prior to application to the MAT program are required.

Music Minor and Nonmajor Course Offerings

Music minor course offerings include a selection of courses taken from the Music Core Curriculum. Nonmajors may participate in a number of courses, including all ensembles (some by audition), all history classes, and class lessons in guitar, piano, and voice. Please see below for a full listing of courses for the music minor. Private lessons in piano, organ, voice, strings, and most wind, brass, and percussion instruments are available to qualified students as space allows.  A Music Theatre Minor  is also available.

Program Requirements



Undergraduate Major

Graduate Major





Applied Music


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