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2012-13 Catalog 
2012-13 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Arts Program


Theatre 108
Director of the Department of Performing Arts:  David Humphrey, MUS 142
Coordinator of Theatre Arts Program:  Deborah Rosenberg

Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Emeritus Faculty
Chris Sackett Jackie Apodaca Kyle Haden James Giancarlo Alan Armstrong

Deborah Rosenberg

Eric Levin

Laurie Kurutz


Craig N. Hudson


David McCandless

 Ezra Severin    Dale R. Luciano

Sean O’Skea

     Dennis L. Smith



The Theatre Arts program offers educational and practical experience in all areas of theatre, including acting, directing, costuming, stage scenery, lighting, sound, makeup, management, dramatic literature, and theatre history. Theatre arts majors participate in the department’s active and ambitious production program and experience the close working relationships that develop between faculty and students as they produce live theatre together.

Through its presentation of classic and contemporary dramatic works, the Theatre Arts program contributes significantly to the social and cultural enrichment of SOU and southern Oregon communities. Dedicated to creating opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in practical ways, the program not only supplies performance opportunities for students, but it also mounts productions that are often designed and predominantly executed by students.

The Theatre Arts program maintains a positive formal relationship with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF). Adjunct faculty, guest artists, and lecturers from OSF enhance the program’s curriculum. Students of merit may be recommended for internship positions during their junior and senior years.

As an Oregon University System designated Center of Excellence in the Fine and Performing Arts, SOU aims to provide high-quality education within a framework of an intensive program of preprofessional training. Fundamental to this mission is making the living art of theatre an essential element of theatre students’ training. Learning in this program is a collaborative experience that encourages professional standards in the studio, the classroom, and the production experience.

Admission to the Theatre Program

The Theatre Arts Program has a limited annual enrollment based on a departmental application process. All students accepted into the major are selected by the Theatre faculty after the student has applied via the Department’s online application. Only students who have provided audition or portfolio materials, completed the required essays, and provided other materials required by the application process are eligible for evaluation by the faculty. The faculty will select each year’s incoming class of freshmen and transfer students from the online applicants based on an evaluation of the student’s submitted materials. Successful applicants will be admitted as Theatre Majors. Applicants not slected to enter the major may still enroll in theatre courses open to non-majors and audition for departmental productions but will not be able to pursue a Theatre Degree or enroll in classes limited to Theatre Majors.

Admission to the BFA Program

All students admitted to the BFA major must first be accepted as a BA or BS theatre major. Admission to the BFA program is by audition, interview, and/or resumé-portfolio presentation. Students may apply for admission to the BFA no earlier than the end of their sophomore year. (Transfer students should wait until they have been in residence at least two full terms prior to auditioning.) Students must consult their program advisor prior to applying for admission to the BFA program. For more information about audition/interview guidelines and dates, please contact the Theatre Arts office.


Minors in Theatre Arts, Film Techniques, Music Theatre, and Shakespeare Studies are offered.  To view requirements for the Music Theatre minor (jointly sponsored by Theatre Arts and Music programs) click Music Theatre minor  .

Teacher Licensing

Students who would like to teach theatre arts at the middle school or high school level in Oregon public schools must complete a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts before applying for admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at SOU. Interested students should consult the Director of Theatre Education Eric Levin and the School of Education regarding admission requirements for the MAT program.

Students must prepare in advance to increase their chances of acceptance into this competitive program. Practica, internships, and volunteer experiences working with children in the public schools prior to application to the MAT program are required.

Program Requirements



Undergraduate Major

Graduate Major




Shakespeare Studies

Theatre Arts

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