Oct 21, 2018  
2017-18 Catalog 
2017-18 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Taylor 223
David Carter, Chair

Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Adjunct Faculty Emeritus Faculty
Lore Rutz-Burri Alison Burke Shanell Sanchez Joseph Chick James Brady
  David Carter   Amber Freitas Vernon E. Hubka
  Brian Fedorek   Eric Guyer  Ivan Polk
      Jodi Merritt  
      Tiffany Morey  
Online Coordinator     Tom Tiefenwerth  
Tanya Blakeley        

The Criminology and Criminal Justice Department’s four major objectives are to:

  1. prepare students for successful service in the criminal justice system at local, state, and federal levels;
  2. provide University Studies experiences for all students with an interest in the criminal justice system;
  3. provide services and serve as a resource for organizations and agencies in the criminal justice system; and
  4. contribute to the field through academic and applied research.

Online Degree Completion Program in Criminal Justice

Designed for students with an interest in law enforcement, probation, probation, parole, jails and prisons, juvenile justice and delinquency, pre-law, criminological theory and policy, this degree is ideal for students seeking immediate entry or advancement in the criminal justice field or continuing on in graduate programs. Students in this program complete their lower division general education credits either at SOU or through transfer work and generally enter the program at or near junior status.  Because all of the criminology and criminal justice courses are available online, this degree works well for professionals who may have difficulty continuing their education because of location or work schedules. For more information, call 541-552-8095.

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Criminology and Criminal Justice