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2019-20 Catalog 
2019-20 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

Enrollment Services

Britt Hall

All persons who attend classes at SOU must pay applicable tuition and fees.

Tuition, fees, and deposits in all of the state institutions of higher education are charged according to OUS Board-approved rates that vary at different institutions. The Oregon University System and Southern Oregon University reserve the right to make changes in the fee schedules following notice requirements.

The tuition and fee schedule, along with applicable notes, can be found at https://inside.sou.edu/enrollment/cost.html.

The tuition calculator can be found at https://inside.sou.edu/enrollment/tuitioncalculator/index.html.

Mandatory Fees

The fee schedule lists the mandatory fees paid by all students under the usual conditions. These fees entitle students to use Hannon Library, lab equipment, the computer lab, materials related to courses for which students are registered, and athletic facilities when available. Incidental fees are used to fund student union operations; educational, cultural, and student government activities; and athletics. Students are also entitled to outpatient medical attention and advice at the Student Health and Wellness Center and to all other services maintained for the benefit of students. No reduction of fees is made to students who may prefer not to use some of these privileges.

Note: In certain classes, additional fees may be charged for equipment, materials, or services required as part of course instruction. Such fees are published at https://inside.sou.edu/bus-serv/bursar/index.html each term and are payable with regular fees.

Payment Policies

Tuition is due upon registration for classes. Students are encouraged to pay all charges in full on the stated due dates to avoid late fees or penalties. If payment in full cannot be made prior to the beginning of classes, SOU activates the Revolving Charge Account Plan to extend payment deadlines for full payment of tuition.

In addition to the Revolving Charge Account Plan, there are various other ways to pay, including VISA or MasterCard (by phone or mail, in person, online via SISWeb, or electronic payment) and check or money order (by mail or in person). Students may deposit payment checks or money orders at Enrollment Services located in Britt Hall.

Students receiving grants, loans, or scholarships are required to use those funds to cover tuition and fees and may be ineligible for the Revolving Charge Account Plan unless financial aid is insufficient to cover all tuition, fees, and related expenses.

Participation in special programs may require specific fees. For example, study abroad or exchange programs may charge administrative fees.

Students who decide not to attend classes for which they have registered must formally withdraw, or else they are expected to pay the tuition due. Students must notify Enrollment Services in person or online via SISWeb about cancellation of registration and upon withdrawal from any or all classes. Students who do not notify Enrollment Services may be liable for payment of tuition assessed for classes they did not attend.

Although the University would prefer not to use such measures, it has the right to suspend the extension of credit and services; to withhold grade reports, transcripts, and graduation; and to deny or cancel registration of any student who has not paid or made arrangements to pay by designated payment deadlines. The right to extension of services may also be in jeopardy if students are in debt to any institution within the Oregon University System.

Students are advised to check with Enrollment Services staff who are available to assist with particular circumstances or problems related to meeting a payment deadline.

Revolving Charge Account Plan

Students are encouraged to obtain a copy of the Revolving Charge Account Plan from Enrollment Services or online at https://inside.sou.edu/enrollment/index.html. This plan, set out fully in Oregon Administrative Rule 573-15-010, is summarized below:

  1. Any person who incurs charges, fines, or penalties at SOU establishes a Revolving Charge Account Plan (Plan) and, by default, agrees to its terms and conditions.
  2. The Plan is designed to allow students to extend the time they have to pay current term charges. Instead of paying in full at the onset of the term, students may pay only the first third of tuition and residence hall charges, together with all other fees and charges by the initial due date for the term. The remainder of the account balance must be paid by the first day of the last month of the term: December 1 for fall, March 1 for winter, and June 1 for spring.
  3. All students are required to complete and return the Revolving Charge Account Agreement. Making the minimum payment indicates intent to use the Plan and willingness to abide by its terms and conditions. Students are still required to sign the Revolving Charge Account Plan Agreement since it discloses the terms and conditions of the Plan in full detail.
  4. There is a $15 nonrefundable service charge each term for use of the Plan. Any account not paid in full by the due date is assessed 9 percent per annum interest.
  5. Accounts three months past due are subject to a 15-percent collection charge. We urge students to be mindful of all payment due dates.