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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Credit for Prior Learning Policy

Credit for prior learning (CPL) provides an opportunity for students to document acquired learning from life/work experiences in a format that can be assessed for academic credit.  CPL credits may be earned by students who can demonstrate that they have gained university-level knowledge and skills that articulate with university coursework on the specific topic. 

CPL may be appropriate for students if their prior learning experiences have resulted in college-level knowledge, skills and abilities, and if they are able to demonstrate that this knowledge meets the objectives of designated SOU courses.

Before seeking credit for prior learning, the student must apply to the academic program in which course credit is sought for approval to complete a prior learning portfolio to meet the requirements for coursework designated for CPL.

  1. Students may not seek credit for prior learning for a course they have previously taken for credit and for which they have received a grade other than an audit, nor may they seek credit for a course more than once. If students register for a course for which they are seeking credit for prior learning, they must drop that course and submit an application for CPL for the course before the last day to drop without a grade record.

  2. No more than 25% of the credits submitted for graduation may be earned through CPL.

  3. Credit for prior learning counts toward graduation residency requirements.

  4. Portfolios receive either a P (pass) or NP (no pass).  A pass indicates that the student has mastered material comparable to a grade of C- or better in the corresponding course. The Registrar records P grades on the student transcript, but does not count the P in grade point average calculations.  The Registrar does not record NP grades.  Transcripts will identify credits earned through prior learning assessment.

  5. CPL credits may be awarded for courses required by the student’s major program that are eligible for P/NP option through prior approval of the major program.

  6. A student is permitted to have one course a term with the Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading option. This limitation is in addition to any courses that are only offered with a P/NP grading option, such as activity courses, or courses completed through credit for prior learning.

  7. A non-refundable fee of $150 will be charged for each application to assess credit for prior learning, regardless of the outcome. A non­refundable fee of $55 per credit hour will be charged to the student at the time that credits are awarded.

  8. Appropriate program faculty, or other approved departmental or institutional representative(s), are responsible for reviewing the portfolio, interviewing the student, and making a recommendation. The Program Chair or Coordinator is responsible for initiating the process and contacting program faculty who will review the portfolio and recommendation and make a decision to grant credit. If no program faculty are available to assess the portfolio, and no appropriate substitute can be identified, the program will have the option to deny the application

  9. Disposition of the portfolio assessment, along with the application, will be forwarded to the Registrar, who will keep it as part of the student’s permanent academic record.  The student’s portfolio will be stored by the Program Chair or Coordinator, or another appropriate administrator.

  10. There is no guarantee of transferability of CPL credits awarded at or accepted by Southern Oregon University.

  11. Credit for prior learning will be assessed for lower division credit only. Exceptions will be considered by petition, and approval by the Program Chair or Coordinator, appropriate program faculty, Division Direction and the Registrar.