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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog

Political Science

Power and Politics

Taylor 103A
Bret Anderson, Chair

Professor Associate Professor
Dustin  Walcher William Hughes
  Assistant Professor
  Shawn Patterson Jr.

The program in Power and Politics at SOU is designed to acquaint students with the complexities, challenges, and possibilities of political engagement at the individual, group, national, and trans-national levels. As such, the focus is much less on the particulars of the discipline of political science and much more on the subject matter: power and politics. Rather than devote primary attention to the structural and methodological elements of the academic discipline - important though they can be-Power and Politics encourages students to engage with political phenomena through a variety of disciplinary methods: Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, History, Sociology, etc.  In creating this kind of interdisciplinary approach, the program is intended to emphasize curiosity, discovery, contemplation, analysis, and presentation as a process of perpetual learning that can apply usefully to the study of all human behavior.

Combining Majors and Minors

Students pursuing a Power and Politics major are eligible for any other majors, minors, and certificates offered by any other program on campus without restriction.  Courses that count toward the degree requirements of other majors and minors - including courses, cross-listed or otherwise, that may be applied to both History and Power and Politics degree requirements - may be applied toward each of the relevant majors and minors pursued.

Program Requirements




Political Science