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2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Outreach and Enrichment

Division of Continuing Education

Division of Continuing Education Building

Lecture Series

The following endowed lecture series chairs have been established through the SOU Foundation.

School of Business

Ashland Daily Tidings Chair in Advertising

Endowed by the Albany Democrat Herald newspaper and the Capital Cities Foundation. Advertising industry leaders conduct workshops and lead discussions on contemporary issues in advertising.

Glenn L. Jackson Chair on Business Ethics

Endowed by Cynthia Ford in memory of her father, Glenn L. Jackson. Business leaders bring to the campus and community an astute awareness of current ethical problems in the national and international business environment.

Tyran Chair on the Free Enterprise System

Endowed by Ben and Jeanne Tyran. Leaders speak about the opportunities provided to the individual by the free enterprise system and its benefits to society.

College of Arts and Sciences

Daniel Meyer Memorial Chair

Endowed by Al and Margaret Meyer. This chair provides for two annual health enhancement lecture series—one series emphasizing health-related fitness areas, the other focusing on drug and alcohol education.

Florence Hemley Schneider Chair

Endowed by William and Florence Schneider. The charge of this chair is to demonstrate the ability of the social sciences to improve social decisions by empowering individuals. Speakers are encouraged to meet with students in small workshops in addition to their public lectures.

Kieval Lecture Series

Endowed by Harry S. Kieval. Speakers address broad, popular aspects of mathematics that are attractive to undergraduates and the general public. Speakers meet with students and faculty informally, in addition to giving two to four public lectures.

Thomas W. Pyle First Amendment Forum

Sponsored by the Ashland Daily Tidings and named after longtime SOU professor of journalism Thomas Pyle. Speakers address issues related to the First Amendment, with particular emphasis on the rights of free press and speech.


John and Nora Darby Chair

Endowed by the John and Nora Darby Heart Fund. Established to link the southern Oregon community with nationally recognized experts in the area of cardiovascular disease prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. The lectures are for the campus community, health care providers, and the general public.

Betsy LaSor Lectureship

Endowed by friends and family of Betsy LaSor. Includes annual seminars and colloquia by prominent nursing leaders, who provide perspectives on key contemporary health care issues for nurses, nursing students, other health care professionals, and the general public.


Frank J. Van Dyke (Honors) Chair

Endowed by friends of Frank J. Van Dyke. Experts in the field of professional ethics discuss the concepts of ethics and how they apply to teaching and education, medicine, science, research, technology, and social and corporate responsibility.

Shakespeare Studies

Don Weingust, Director

Summer Session