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2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education Abroad Programs

Stevenson Union 322

The need for global vision and international diplomacy has never been greater. SOU encourages its students to become responsible global citizens and to actively engage with the world. One of the best ways to do this is to enroll in an Education Abroad program or an international internship. Such international activities can be easily worked into SOU academic programs. All Education Abroad programs are open to sophomores and above. Financial aid applies to all programs. SOU has a selection of more than thirty-five study programs in twenty countries.


Rosario, Universidad Nacional

Students explore a nation of contrasts, from the lush tropical forests in the north to the Antarctic in the south. Study in English at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario in a program tailored for students from the Northwest. Students study Spanish and choose from a range of courses on Argentinean history and culture. This program frequently offers business courses. No Spanish language prerequisite. Available fall and spring quarters.


Melbourne, Deakin University

Students explore virtually all fields at one of three Deakin campuses in the Melbourne region. This program is taken either February through June, July through November, or for the full academic year. Live in Deakin’s dormitories or share a room with an Australian student. Possible courses include Aboriginal Archaeology, Australian Literature, and Modern Australia. Courses to satisfy most majors are also available.

Canberra, Australian National University

Explore most majors at this university down under. This program is for fall semester (July through November) or spring semester (February through June). Also offered as winter term intensive, where students can spend winter term soaking up the sun during Australia’s summer season. Provides an in-depth study of Australian culture, including history, economy, the environment, and indigenous peoples.

Perth, Curtin University of Technology

Students spend a semester studying at a comprehensive university that offers business, sciences, health sciences, humanities, and a school of resources and the environment. Perth is the capital of Western Australia, on Swan River. Offered fall and spring semesters and as a summer program.

Townsville or Cairns, James Cook University

Located in tropical northern Queensland, JCU offers a wide range of coursework in the liberal arts, sport science, and natural sciences. The university is particularly strong in marine biology and rainforest science. This area has many attractions such as tropical rainforests, scuba diving, and snorkeling.


Vienna, NCSA Program

Students spend a term studying European culture in Vienna, grand capital of the former Hapsburg Empire. This program has no language prerequisite. Participants live in shared apartments near the city center, take all coursework in English, and study the German language at all levels. Course options include Global Problem Solving: The Role of International Organizations; Vienna at the Turn of the Century; and Baroque Vienna: Music and Art.


Valdivia, Universidad Austral

Students study in a spectacular southern Chile setting through an affordable program designed for U.S. students. Open to students with two years of college-level Spanish. Students learn the Spanish language and select from an array of courses in Chilean culture and society. Housing is available in a boarding house or with a local family. Offered fall and spring terms.


Beijing, Central Institute for Nationalities

Located at Beijing’s Central Institute for Nationalities, this program emphasizes Chinese language and culture. Includes a two-week study tour of a minority region in China. While courses are taught in English, students also study Chinese intensively. One year of college-level Chinese is required. Coursework may include Chinese Language and Chinese National Minorities. Offered fall and spring semesters and as a full academic year.


Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School

A business program for upper division business majors, this program has no language prerequisite and is taught entirely in English. Coursework consists of international business courses, in addition to intercultural communication, languages, law, and public policy. Students may live in homestays, apartments, or residence halls. Offered fall and spring semesters, as a full academic year, and as a summer program.


Galapagos Islands, Galapagos Academic Institute

Perfect for the environmental studies major, this semester-long program takes place on the Galapagos Islands. Courses include Evolutionary Biology, Native and Introduced Plants of the Galapagos, Marine Life of the Galapagos, and Human Ecology and Maritime Communities. Students may also perform community service focused on conservation and sustainable development. Open to science majors only and available for fall or spring semesters.

Quito, Pontifica Universidad Católica del Ecuador

Two years of college-level Spanish are required for this one- or two-semester program in Quito at a private university of approximately 7,000 students. Coursework is in Spanish. Courses span most fields and include Spanish language courses, as well as Introduction to Ecuador, Ecuadorean Cultural Anthropology, and U.S.-Latin American Relations.

Quito, Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Students study for one or two semesters at a small private university that offers liberal arts courses in Spanish. Requires two years of college-level Spanish. Coursework includes Spanish language courses, along with Ecuadorean History and Social Institutions of Ecuador.


Winchester, University of Winchester

Similar in size to SOU, this liberal arts college is located in historic Winchester, an hour by train from London. Students enjoy private rooms in UCW’s residence halls and select from coursework in the social sciences and humanities. The college is on a semester system. Typical courses include Britain Today, Archaeology of Ancient Britain, and Introduction to British Theatre. Offered fall semester and February through June (winter and spring) with a low-cost direct exchange option each fall.

London, NCSA Program

SOU students study with fellow students from the Pacific Northwest in the center of London, just blocks from the British Museum. They live with an English family and take courses taught by British and U.S. professors. Courses include London Theatre, Modern Britain, and Victorian Art and Architecture. Offered fall, winter, and spring quarters, with special internships available winter and spring. A summer program is also available.

Sheffield, University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield offers academic excellence and is only minutes away from the Peak District National Park where students can hike, climb, and cycle. Students with diverse interests may enroll in a wide variety of classes in the liberal arts and sciences during this yearlong program. A winter/spring option may be available on an exception basis. Areas of excellence include many fields in the biological sciences, chemistry, archaeology, English, history, and political science.


Poitiers, Université de Poitiers

Oregon students participating in this yearlong program need two years of college French to qualify. A broad range of coursework is available in French language and culture and in most other fields. Typical courses include French Composition and Conversation, French Literature, and Sociology.

Lyon, Lyon Universities

This yearlong program for Oregon students is based at one of four national universities in cosmopolitan Lyon. France’s second largest city, Lyon is a modern, bustling town with a history extending to pre-Roman times. Its universities provide study in virtually every field (language skills permitting), with strong offerings in the sciences, technical fields, and liberal arts. Requires two years of college-level French. Typical courses include French Composition and Conversation, History of France, and Contemporary French Politics.

Angers, NCSA Program

Located at L’Université Catholique de L’Ouest in the heart of historic Angers, this quarter-long program is accessible to most students since it requires only one term of prior study of French. Students live with a French family, study French language and culture intensively, and enjoy a range of excursions as part of this exciting program. Typical coursework includes French Language, French Impressionist Art, Politics and French Culture, and Modern France. Offered fall, winter, and spring quarters and in monthlong (up to three months) language-intensive programs in the summer.


Baden-Württemburg Universities (Heidelberg, Konstanz, Freiburg, and others)

Participants need two years of college-level German as preparation for this yearlong program at any of nine major universities in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Virtually all fields of study are possible, with typical courses including German, British Novel, and Introduction to Music.

Wernigerode, Hochschule Harz

This is a one- or two-semester program for business students at SOU’s new partner university, Hochschule Harz, located in historic Wernigerode in the Harz mountain region of the former East Germany. Participants take coursework in English on a variety of business topics. Courses may include German Marketing Theory, Practice and Management in the European Union, and German language courses taught at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Offered fall and spring semesters and as a special summer program.

Saarbrücken, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft

SOU business students can study abroad at this University of Applied Sciences for one or two semesters or for a special summer program. Saarbrücken is a regional economic and cultural center whose turbulent history and proximity to France are quite apparent. Multinational influences are clearly visible in Baroque palaces, the France-German Garden, and a local cuisine with a French touch. Participants take courses in English on a variety of business topics, as well as German language classes offered at all levels. There is no language requirement.

Tübingen, Spring Intensive Program

This is a language-intensive, semester-length program for Oregon students at Tübingen, one of Germany’s oldest universities. Participants must have taken two terms of college-level German and will acquire up to 21 additional credits in German language and culture. Coursework includes GL 103 and the GL 201–203 sequence. Offered spring quarter.


Accra, University of Ghana

This exciting opportunity introduces SOU students to Africa in Ghana, a stable West African nation whose citizens are open, friendly, and welcoming to Western visitors. Ghana is a beautiful tropical country with a developing economy and a strong university tradition. Students are directly enrolled alongside Ghanaian students at the University of Ghana. They select from a wide array of courses in most majors, all taught in English. Housing is in dormitories. Offered winter and spring terms.


Athens, NCSA Program

This is a term-long program in Athens, cultural center of both ancient and modern Greece. This program has no language prerequisite. Participants live in shared apartments near the city center and take all coursework in English. They study Greek language at all levels, from beginner to advanced (AL 199 or 399). Courses include Monuments of Greece (ART 399), Modern Greek Literature (ENG 399), and Byzantine History and Politics (HST 399). Offered fall and spring terms. Students also have the opportunity to spend a summer on the island of Spetses, located a few hours from Athens on the Saronic Gulf. Students enjoy lush green hillsides, jasmine gardens, and neoclassical architecture while studying art, poetry, or theatre on location. Offered in monthlong intensive summer sessions.

Kefalonia, NCSA Program

Focusing on sustainable community development, this program takes place on the island of Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands off the coast of Greece. Students engage in experiential, project-based learning about topics in environmental studies, social anthropology, sustainable tourism, economic development, and Greek language and culture. Available during fall and spring terms for upper division undergraduate and graduate students.


Dublin, NCSA Program

Students spend five weeks in Dublin during the summer, earning 8 SOU credits for coursework in Irish history, literature, and culture. Housing is provided by local homestay families. Excursions to cultural and historical sights make this a great introduction to one of Europe’s most vibrant societies. Term- and yearlong programs are being planned. Inquire about these at the International Programs Office.


Siena, NCSA Program

This popular quarter-long program at the NCSA study center in Siena has no language requirement. Students engage in an intensive study of Italian language (AL 199) at the Universitá per Stranieri. Other courses taught by U.S. and Italian instructors focus on the history and culture of Italy. Examples include The Tuscan Illustrated Journal (ART 399) and Music from Mussolini to Madonna (MUS 399). Housing is with homestay families or in apartments shared with American and international students. Offered fall, winter, and spring quarters. A summer program is available.

Macerata, NCSA Program

This is a quarter-long program located in the ancient Roman town of Macerata, near the Adriatic Sea. Courses are taught in English, and there is no foreign language requirement. Offers the Italian Language (AL 199) at various levels, along with a selection of courses in Italian culture and history. Examples include Modern Italy (HST 399), Romanesque and Renaissance Art in Italy (ART 399), and Film and Society (COMM 399). The studio art course in painting is a popular option each quarter. Offered fall and winter quarters.


Akita, Akita International University

Set in the wooded mountains of northern Honshu, AIU offers an opportunity to take courses in Japanese, as well as English language coursework in Japanese Studies, International Business, and Global Studies. Students may also enroll in Chinese studies, ideal for students seeking to build regional expertise on East Asia. Offered fall and spring semester or full year. Inquire about summer options.

Okayama, Okayama University

Students spend a semester in Okayama University’s EPOK exchange program, designed for U.S. students wishing to know more about Japan and Japanese society. One year of college-level Japanese is recommended. Coursework is available in a variety of areas, including social science, arts and letters, business, and science, in addition to Japanese language. Offered fall and spring quarters and for the full academic year. Taught in English.

Tokyo, Waseda University

Japan’s premier private university offers an academic program with coursework in English, along with study of the Japanese language. One prior year of Japanese language study is required. Possible topics include Japanese language at various levels and a range of subjects in the humanities and social sciences, such as Japanese History, Art History, and Geography of Japan. Offered fall term, fall and spring semesters, and for a full academic year.

Tokyo, Aoyama Gakuin University

Beginning in April and ending in February, this academic yearlong program conforms to Japan’s academic year. With emphases on economics, politics, and business, coursework is offered in English and Japanese to those who qualify. One year of college-level Japanese is required. Coursework includes Japanese language, International Management, and Comparative Political Systems.

Tokyo, Tokyo International University

For this semester-long program in Kawagoe near Tokyo, students live with Japanese families and take courses in English in the Japan Studies Program. Japanese Language is a required course. Other offerings include Japanese Literature (JPN 399), Japanese Social Institutions (SSC 399), the Fine and Theatrical Arts of Japan (AL 399), and Japanese International Relations (PS 399). Offered fall and spring quarters, or for the full academic year.


Seoul, Yonsei University or Ehwa University

In the heart of Seoul, Yonsei University and Ehwa University offer a Korean studies program for Oregon students. No prior study of the Korean language is necessary, and courses are taught in English. Coursework possibilities include Korean Language (AL 199), Korean Religious Traditions (AL 399), and Korean Society (SSC 399). Offered fall or spring semester or for the full academic year. Summer study may also be possible; inquire in the Office of International Programs.


Cholula, Universidad de las Américas (UDLA)

Located seven miles from the city of Puebla, UDLA is a private university of high academic quality. This program is designed for students with at least three years of university-level Spanish who can take regular courses with Mexican students for a semester or academic year. UDLA offers coursework in a wide variety of disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and business.

Guanajuato, Universidad de Guanajuato

SOU’s oldest exchange link, the Amistad Program enjoys a longstanding relationship with one of Mexico’s first universities, the Universidad de Guanajuato. In this yearlong program, students study a range of academic fields while also working intensively on their Spanish. Requires two years of college-level Spanish. Coursework includes Spanish at varying levels and may include Modern Mexican History or Introduction to Mexican Politics. Offered both fall quarter and winter-spring semester (winter and spring terms), as well as for the full academic year. Summer Sessions also available.

Instituto Tecnologico de Educacion Superior de Monterrey (ITESM)

This exciting new program offers semester and yearlong programs at some of Mexico’s top universities in Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. Students may study elementary to advanced-level Spanish, as well as a variety of other subjects, including a strong business program. Both homestay and dormitory options are available in this unique program.

Morelia, NCSA Program

This term-length program is located in the architectural gem of Morelia, in the beautiful central highlands of Mexico. Courses focus on Spanish language, social sciences, and education, with an emphasis on migration studies. The site offers a special summer program for educators, as well as a general summer language and culture program. No Spanish language is required.

New Zealand

Dunedin, University of Otago, NCSA Program

New Zealand, known as Aotearoa by its native Maori settlers, is an exciting new option for SOU students. The program is based in the South Island in historic Dunedin, at one of New Zealand’s oldest universities. A range of coursework is offered in most fields, all taught in English. Housing is in university accommodations near the campus. Excellent outdoor opportunities nearby include skiing in Queenstown, hiking in the famed “southern Alps,” and exploring the wild fjords of Fjordland. Two semester options are available, July through November (SOU fall term) and February through June (SOU winter and spring terms).


Torun, Nicolaus Copernicus University

The small medieval city of Torun is a perfect host for SOU students seeking to learn more about Poland and eastern Europe. There is no language prerequisite, as English language courses are offered in English literature, international studies, and criminology in this semester-length program. SOU students can also take a short intensive course in Polish before fall semester begins.


Oviedo, NCSA Program

This program is located at the University of Oviedo in Spain’s northwestern region. Participants choose from several options: a fall quarter or spring semester, a full academic year, or a monthlong intensive summer session. Students have an opportunity to live with a Spanish homestay family and to participate in a range of excursions in the surrounding areas. One year of prior college-level Spanish is required, although the program can accommodate all language levels through advanced Spanish. In addition to Spanish at the 200, 300, and 400 levels, course offerings include Spanish Art (ART 399), Spanish History (HST 399), and Hispanic History and Civilization (HST 399).


Chiang Mai

This Thai studies program is offered at Payap University in Chiang Mai. With most classes taught in English, the program requires no previous study of the Thai language. The program offers coursework in Thai culture and language, including Buddhist Traditions (AL 199), Cultural Foundations of Thai Society (SSC 399), and Contemporary Thai Politics (PS 399). The Thai language is taught at the introductory level (HUM 199). This is a two-term program encompassing fall and winter terms.