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2016-17 Catalog 
2016-17 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Central 253
Prakash Chenjeri, Coordinator


Professor Assistant Professor Instructor
Prakash Chenjeri Devora Shapiro Mitchell Frangadakis

The Philosophy Program at SOU is committed to building a community of scholars (including students) dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and scholarship. Philosophy is at the heart of a liberal education, both as a way of thinking, and as the discipline that addresses our ultimate concerns.

The mission of the Philosophy Program is to increase students’ sense of wonder, to teach creative and critical thinking, and to stimulate engagement with the deepest and most enduring questions: knowledge and truth; ethics and personal and social values; how we should live; the nature of reality…

We seek to reinforce students’ ethical reflection on their values and actions and their ability to communicate with others about and beyond ethical differences. Through our various courses, students comprehend and analyze a wide range of philosophical problems and learn to offer creative and constructive responses to ongoing philosophical debates.

The Philosophy Program serves three types of students: those students who take one or two philosophy courses as part of their general education; students with a deeper interest in philosophy who wish to pursue a minor; and the students in interdisciplinary programs and degrees such as Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies; Environmental Studies; University Seminar; and the Honors College. The Program offers a wide range of courses providing an excellent introduction to the different areas of Philosophy.

Political Philosophy

Working through the Political Science program, interested philosophy students can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in Political Philosophy.  This program integrates courses from Philosophy, History, and Political Science to explore the origins, development, and richness of political thinking from ancient Athens to the contemporary world.  Approximately half of the courses that students take to complete the Political Philosophy concentration are taught by the Philosophy faculty. The concentration in Political Philosophy is an invigorating challenge for the serious student of philosophy desiring greater insight into the realms of political power, justice, authority, ideology, the individual, and the good society.  Details of the program are included in the requirements for the Political Science degree, Political Science, BA or BS  .

Program Requirements