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2016-17 Catalog 
2016-17 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies

Taylor 121

Coordinator  Associated Faculty  Emeritus Faculty  
Daniel Morris Anne Chambers  Ken Kempner  
  Wesley Leonard    
  Sean McEnroe    
  Michael Niemann    
  James Phillips    
  Jessica Piekielek    
  John Richards    
  Linda Wilcox Young    

International Studies explores global events and the origins of contemporary conditions from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students develop critical thinking skills and an understanding of international, cultural, economic and political affairs grounded in a historical and social context. A combination of academic and experiential learning is encouraged, especially participation in Study-Abroad and international internships. Students are encouraged to select a regional emphasis that reflects their interests and provides a focus for applying theory and concepts. The required second-language skills further expand students’ worldviews and enrich their cultural understanding.

A major in International Studies prepares students for creative work in an increasingly globalized world, enabling careers in government service, business, law, journalism, social services, teaching, and international development and non-governmental organizations. International Studies also provides a broad foundation for graduate study in a variety of social science, interdisciplinary, and regional studies programs.

Majors must work closely with their advisers to discuss the purposes of their curriculum, track foreign language progress, select courses to meet major requirements, and plan study abroad, internships, minors or second majors. Students should note that most upper division courses have prerequisites, and many are taught on a rotating schedule. With early planning and advising International Studies majors can efficiently complete second majors or certificates in a wide variety of programs.

Program Requirements



Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science



International Studies