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2016-17 Catalog 
2016-17 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Services

The Office of Academic Advising at Academic Support Programs

Stevenson Union 134 or Higher Education Center 102


Academic advising is available to all students attending Southern Oregon University. The mission of the SOU advising program is to provide each student with the information and guidance necessary to complete a college program appropriate to developing life and career objectives. The principal goals of the advising program include delivering accurate information about degree requirements, assisting students with choosing a major, and teaching students to monitor progress toward their degrees.

Meeting with an advisor is one of the most important contacts in the student’s academic career. Advisors not only provide academic assistance, but also serve as mentors and resources in the student’s field of study.

Transfers or Undeclared Majors

New transfer students and all students who are undeclared majors should make an appointment to see an academic advisor in the Office of Academic Advising. Students entering in fall will be invited to receive their academic advising during Raider Orientation and Registration held each summer. Students are advised on degree requirements, choosing a major, BA/BS requirements, and how to register for classes.

If you have questions regarding University Studies requirements (General Education requirements), you are encouraged to see an advisor in the Office of Academic Advising. After you have selected a major, you will be advised by a faculty member within your academic program major.

Freshman Standing (0-44 credits)

The First-Year Seminar instructors provide advising for all freshmen required to complete Seminar 101, 102, and 103. This yearlong sequence of courses focuses on writing, speaking, and clarifying educational goals.

The First-Year Seminar instructors assist with the preparation of freshman and sophomore year plans, which serve as guides for course selection and overall academic planning.

Sophomore Standing (45-89 credits)

Sophomores with declared majors are assigned an advisor within their academic program. Sophomores must contact their academic program major to formally declare a major and request an advisor.

Sophomores without a declared major will be advised and receive assistance in deciding on a major from the Office of Academic Advising.

All sophomores must declare a major and complete a junior plan in their chosen academic program by the conclusion of their sophomore year. This plan and a declaration of major must be on file by the time students accumulate 90 credits.

Junior Standing (90-134 credits)

Upon reaching junior standing, students must have:

  • declared a major;
  • secured an advisor for their major; and
  • filed a junior plan through their major academic program.

Senior Standing (135+ credits)

Upon reaching senior standing, students must have:

  • filed a senior plan through their major academic program; and
  • filed an Application for Degree for graduation at least two terms prior to their anticipated term of completion. Applications for Degree are available online through Enrollment Services.