May 29, 2020  
2019-20 Catalog 
2019-20 Catalog

Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema, BA or BS

The BA/BS degree in Digital Cinema provides students with a highly experiential education in visual storytelling, creative problem-solving, and professional collaboration. While rooted in the film school tradition, the Digital Cinema major embraces entrepreneurship and innovation to prepare students for dynamic careers in an expanding video arts and entertainment landscape that includes conventional motion pictures, documentary media, streaming television, web series, virtual reality, social and mobile media, live and interactive media experiences, film festivals, and cinematic platforms and technologies that have yet to be invented.

Each course in the DCIN upper and lower division core is problem-based, merges theory with practice, and aids students in the development of essential skills like leadership, communication, adaptability, critical thinking, cultural agility, teamwork, and conflict resolution. Career pathways for the graduating Digital Cinema student include entry-level crew positions in film and video production or post-production services, creative development, or graduate study in film and video, as well as opportunities in video journalism, advertising and marketing, corporate and non-profit communications, event videography, and independent media production.

Common Program Prerequisites: Up to 6 credits*

*Prerequisite for specific courses but not technically required for the major; students can test out or apply equivalent high school or community college credits.

Digital Cinema BA/BS: 76 credits

Electives (12 credits)*

* Courses used to meet requirements above may not also be counted toward elective credits.

Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program

Digital Cinema majors may participate in the Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program  (Acc Bacc). The Acc Bacc is a course reduction program that allows qualified students to waive up to 24 general education and 21 elective credits. As a result, these students are able to complete a Digital Cinema degree in three years. For more information see

Digital Cinema Minor

Non-majors may earn a minor in Digital Cinema. To complete the minor, students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.75 in 30 credits of Digital Cinema coursework listed below. All courses must be taken for a letter grade unless instructor permission is obtained. Students must meet all applicable requirements listed in the Minors section of this catalog, including the Minor residence requirement.

The Digital Cinema Minor is designed to serve students in a variety of fields. This minor emphasizes the hands-on creative production skills of audio recording, videography, and video editing, along with a foundation in storytelling, film analysis, of the history of cinema. Students learn about the organization of the film and television industry and learn to use sound and light in design. The minor is highly flexible to student interests. After completing their 18 credit core, students may choose from any remaining Digital Cinema courses to fulfill their elective requirement.