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2020-21 Catalog 
2020-21 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science

Computing Services 223

Fabrizzio Soares, Program Chair

Associate Professor Emeritus Faculty
Fabrizzio Soares Lynn Ackler
Maggie Vanderberg George Converse
  Daniel Harvey
Assistant Professor Lee Hill
Daniel DeFreez Ken Larson
David Pouliot Robert McCoy
  Peter Nordquist
Adjunct Faculty Richard Peddicord
Dian Brandenburg Greg Pleva
Priscilla Oppenheimer Kevin Sahr

Computer science is an exciting and growing field with career opportunities ranging from running a small business to working in industry, government, or education.  The capstone experience prepares students for the job market by providing real-world work experience.


The SOU computer system checks prerequisites when processing a student’s request to register.  Students must have a C- or better in all prerequisite courses.  In addition, students must have a B or better in CS 256  and CS 257 .

On rare occasions, a student may have a reasonable substitution for the stated prerequisite that is not recognized by the computer system. In those situations, the student should see the Computer Science Chair for clearance before trying to register for the course.

Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program

Computer science majors may participate in the Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program. For more information, see the Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program section.

Emerging Media & Digital Arts

Through the programs of Art, Communication, and Emerging Media & Digital Arts, SOU provides interdisciplinary instruction in visual narrative, design, and creation of visuals in a digital age. For information on Emerging Media & Digital Arts courses, see the EMDA courses in the Course Descriptions section of the catalog.

E-Commerce Certificate

Computer science majors interested in E-Commerce should consider adding the Certificate in Interactive Marketing and E-Commerce (CIMeC).  CS 256, 257 and 295 may be used to meet some of the E-Commerce certificate requirements.  See Certificate in Interactive Marketing and E-Commerce (CIMeC) .

Recommended General Education Courses

When choosing University Studies and Elective Courses, the following would be particularly complementary to your computer science studies. 

Exploration  Courses Integrations Courses
Strand E – Humanities Strand H – Science, Technology, and Society

Strand F – Social Science

Strand G – Science

Other Courses

Strand I – Citizenship and Social Responsibility

Strand J – Diversity and Global Awareness

Mathematics-Computer Science Co-Major

The Mathematics-Computer Science co-major provides training in both math and computer science.  For information about this degree, see Mathematics-Computer Science, BA or BS .

Combining Majors and Minors

When considering adding a minor or second major to your academic plan, you may have opportunities to meet a requirement in more than one program with a single class.  Some restrictions apply.

(1) CS majors are ineligible for a CS minor.

(2) CS majors are eligible for any majors, minors and certificates offered by any other program on campus without restriction, including the Mathematics-CS co-major, EMDA major or minor, and the e-Commerce Certificate mentioned above. 

Program Requirements



    Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of ScienceMinor


      Computer Science