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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors College

Combining real world projects with intellectual rigor, the Honors College at Southern Oregon University aims to provide a challenging learning environment. Our creative curriculum will take advantage of the university’s unique location by drawing on the rich natural, cultural, and artistic resources that are Southern Oregon. Southern Oregon University seeks to create a community of learners prepared for a lifetime of intellectual curiosity, inquiry, scholarship, and service.

Honors College Scholars at Southern Oregon University are admitted by invitation following a competitive application process.  See http://honorscollege.sou.edu/apply.htm for details.  Honors College Scholars are required to:

  • Maintain a 3.25 minimum SOU cumulative overall grade point average and earn a C or better in all Honors College courses to remain in good standing in the Honors College and maintain eligibility for Honors College scholarships.
  • Successfully complete all required Honors College courses for a total of 50 total credits, which satisfies all University Studies (general-education) requirements, and counts toward the 180 credits required to graduate.
  • Participate in all required Honors College co-curricular “Essential Events,” which are designated in advance as mandatory. 
  • Freshmen and Sophomores must attend a minimum of three “Pick and Choose Activities” and submit an analytical synopsis of all three each term.  None is required for juniors and seniors. 
  • Successfully complete two “Take the Lead Projects.” The “Take the Lead Projects” require a formal proposal, culminating reflection, and prior approval from the Honors College Director. 
  • Successfully complete one “Substantive Educational Experience,” which may include but is not limited to a community partner mentor-internship sequence, an internship or practicum, student teaching, a service-learning project, study abroad or study away, or National Student Exchange experience. The substantive supplemental educational experience requires a formal proposal, documentation of hours and effort, culminating reflection, and prior approval from the Honors College Director.

For more information about the Honors College, see the Honors College website http://honorscollege.sou.edu/, or contact Dr. Cherstin Lyon at 541-552-7081 or lyonc1@sou.edu.



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