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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog

Division of Undergraduate Studies

Computer Services, Room 211
Lee Ayers-Preboski, Division Director
Undergraduate Studies Division Assistant
Dan Stirling
Computing Services, Room 213

Undergraduate Studies is collaboration across divisions and programs providing students a broader knowledge of the wider world through University Studies foundations, explorations, and integrations curriculum; engaging students in transformational change to thrive in a contemporary world.

Undergraduate Studies offers all students an approach to learning that empowers individuals and prepares them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change. SOU’s general education program, known as University Studies or UStudies, reflects the SOU Faculty’s academic road map for a sound liberal arts education.  UStudies, the driver of general education, provides students with broad knowledge of the wider world through foundations, explorations, and integration courses. Built on student learning outcomes and progressively challenging courses, UStudies helps students adapt knowledge, skills, and responsibilities to new challenges. The curriculum allows for alignment of course work, balancing learning in the majors with a broader perspective of liberal arts and fosters civic, social, and personal responsibility. The curriculum is also based on student learning, with specific learning proficiencies embedded in courses that qualify for UStudies. 

University Studies Strands A - J

  • Foundation Learning Goals (A, B, C, D) stress developing and enhancing fundamental communication, critical thinking, information literacy, and quantitative reasoning skills.
  • Explorations Learning Goals (E, F, G) stress acquiring a broadly informed knowledge of the various disciplines and becoming familiar with the kinds of inquiry that occur within the aesthetic, social, and scientific worlds.
  • Integrations Learning Goals (H, I, J) stress the deepening, application and transfer of knowledge across the disciplines. Students explore ethical perspectives in science and technology, citizenship and community, and diversity and global awareness.

Bridge Program

Danielle Hammer, Coordinator
Computer Services, 215

The Bridge Program offers a three-term (fall, winter, spring) opportunity for promising first-year students to transition into college. The program is mentorship-driven, meaning each Bridge student pairs with a former Bridge student who works as a peer mentor. The Bridge mentors are partnered with the Bridge classes to support students’ transition into college and develop the skills needed for success. The program starts with a pre-fall week of cohort building and academic readiness, then progresses into three segments of central themes during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Bridge classes. In the fall, we further students’ college readiness skills.

During the term, everything from applying for scholarships to essential study skill-building is practiced. In Winter, the focus shifts to community service. Students learn to contextualize themselves as a part of a larger community. During the Spring term, the focus is on leadership skills. Bridge students design a direct group project focused on furthering the skills required to become leaders in their communities.


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