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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog

Environmental Science, Policy & Sustainability

Jamie Trammell, Chair

Professor Assistant Professor Emeritus Faculty
John Gutrich Karen Mager Patricia Acklin
Mark Shibley Scott Maguffin Alissa Arp
  Rob Strahan Jad D’Allura
    Eric Dittmer
Associate Professor Instructor Monty Elliott
Vincent Smith Leslie Eldridge Joseph Graf
Jamie Trammell   Charles Lane
    Bill Purdom
    Victoria Sturtevant

The Environmental Science and Policy (ES) major provides an integrated natural and social sciences approach to environmental decision-making, ecological issues, and human use of natural resources. The ES curriculum promotes interdisciplinary perspectives, providing analytical skills and problem-solving opportunities in each course. ES graduates are prepared to work effectively in environmentally related careers requiring both science and policy expertise and to pursue advanced degrees in specialty areas. ES majors take a common core of classes and develop an upper division focus area with an advisor. ES majors are required to complete an internship or practicum to provide valuable practical experience.

The ES curriculum continues to evolve, and all students should work closely with an ES advisor to plan their program of study. Students without an advisor should contact the chair as soon as possible to select an advisor. Transfer students should consult their advisors to select appropriate courses based on their Advanced Standing Reports and areas of concentration within ES.

Teacher Licensing

ES majors interested in teaching at the middle or high school levels should consult with their advisor and the School of Education regarding admission requirements for the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at SOU.

Program Requirements




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