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2015-16 Catalog 
2015-16 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Education-Psychology 142
John King, Director
Roni Adams, Program Chair
Professor Associate Professor Senior Instructor Instructor Lecturer
Amy Belcastro Roni Adams Susan Faller-Mitchell Patricia Bentley  Maureen Honeycutt
Gregg Gassman Megan Farnsworth   Kim Boehler  
William Greene Dennis Jablonski   Susan Frey  
Younghee Kim John King   Susan Hamilton  
Jo-Anne Lau-Smith Michael Rousell   April Harrison  
Gerald McCain Erin Wilder   Rebecca Olien  
Geoffrey Mills     Amy Schacht  
      Sandra Stockwell  

SOU offers a rich variety of Education programs and coursework designed to prepare individuals for a wide range of professional opportunities within the various fields of education. While equipping students to meet the educational needs of a changing society, some programs in education enable students to meet licensing requirements established by the state of Oregon, and other programs in education enable students to do professional work in a range of educational activities and organizations.

Undergraduate Programs

For undergraduates, Education offers majors in early childhood development and elementary education. Elementary education majors can choose to complete both a BA/BS degree and a teaching license or complete a degree without a teaching license. Minors in education and early childhood development are also available.

Graduate Programs

Graduate students interested in obtaining a teaching license (early childhood, elementary, middle school, or high school) via the Master of Arts in Teaching or Special Education programs are urged to contact the School of Education to determine an appropriate major and specific admission requirements. Education offers full or part-time licensure programs, including Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Master in Education with Special Education (SPED) licensure, an Initial Administrator License (IAL), and a Continuing Administrator License (CAL). Graduates and in-service teachers may also enroll in the Master in Education (MEd) or Continuing Teaching License (CTL) programs. Endorsement programs in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)/Bilingual Education and Reading are also offered. Specialty courses on current topics and practice are offered for professional development throughout the year and during Summer Session.

For working professionals who want a master’s degree without a teaching license, the Master in Education (MEd) professional track degree provides training for education work in multiple settings.

Changing Authorization Levels or Adding  Endorsements

Students interested in changing authorization levels or adding subject area endorsements are encouraged to inquire about their specific cases by calling the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) at 503-378-3586.  A practicum may be required involving a school district (Conditional Assignment Permit) and is to be arranged by the individual seeking the change in licensure. These programs can also be completed at SOU. For more information about SOU’s offerings, contact the Education program at 541-552-6996.




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