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2018-19 Catalog 
2018-19 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies, BA or BS

Requirements for the Major


Fulfill baccalaureate degree requirements.  Note that with the three-year language requirement in the major, most students will complete a BA degree.


Maintain a 2.5 GPA in all courses taken for the major. Note: All coursework in the major is to be taken for a letter grade (not P/NP).


Complete the required core courses in the international studies major, satisfy the language requirement, and complete the upper division requirements in both World Studies and Regional and Country Studies.


Required core courses 36
Language 0-36
World Studies courses 12
Regional and Country Studies courses 12
Total 60* (plus language credits)

*Notes: A total of 32 credits of Social Science and Humanities Explorations requirements and Strand I and J Integration requirements is normally met within the major.

Core Courses


(0-36 credits)

Students must demonstrate proficiency in a second language equivalent to at least three years of instruction at the college level. For students whose first language is English, competency is demonstrated in one of the following ways:

  1. Three years of on-campus foreign language study in a single language, or at least 12 credits of a single foreign language at the third year level or above.
  2. Two years of on-campus foreign language study, plus a year of immersion in a related foreign culture in a study abroad program, or two years of on-campus foreign language study, plus a one term study abroad program with intensive language courses at a level equivalent to at least 12 upper division SOU language credits.
  3. One year of on-campus language study, plus a one-year study abroad program with an intensive language component in the chosen language. At least 12 credits of the program taken abroad must be in language courses at a level equivalent to upper division SOU courses.
  4. Successful completion for third year equivalency of an examination administered through the SOU foreign languages and literatures program.
  5. Students who wish to fulfill their language proficiency with a language not taught on the SOU campus may do so by completing, with advisor approval, a one-year study abroad program with intensive language courses.  The student must complete the equivalent of at least 36 credits of language study, of which at least 12 must be at a level equivalent to upper division courses on the SOU campus.

Entering majors whose native language is English must meet with a foreign language and literatures advisor to plan their foreign language curriculum. For students whose primary language is not English, demonstrated competency in English fulfills the language requirement. Required language credits vary depending on language proficiency at time of admission to the major.

Upper Division Requirements

Students are required to complete 12 upper division credits in World Studies and 12 upper division credits in Regional and Country Studies. With the exception of IS courses, no more than 8 credits total may be applied to these two upper division requirements for the IS major from any one disciplinary prefix. Students should work with their advisers to decide how to concentrate their courses.

Note: Many upper division courses have disciplinary prerequisites. Students must carefully plan ahead to ensure that they are able to meet these prerequisites. Lower division prerequisites may include:

World Studies (12 credits)

World Studies courses explore international political and economic relations or intercultural relations among peoples.

Regional and Country Studies (12 credits)

Regional and Country Studies courses explore the internal workings of specific places.