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2018-19 Catalog 
2018-19 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Latin American Studies Minor

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(24 credits)

Latin American studies is an interdisciplinary, regionally focused minor with a social science emphasis. Students examine aspects of Latin American geography, history, society, economics, politics, and culture to form an integrated understanding of the region. The holistic regional focus provides a valuable support to majors in international studies, Spanish language and culture, and the social sciences, as well as students pursuing careers in education and international business.  Students must meet all applicable requirements listed in the Minors section of this catalog, including the Minor residence requirement.

Requirements for the minor: 24 upper division credits in at least three disciplinary prefixes.


Select 16 credits from the following, and/or from history courses listed above not taken to meet the core requirements.  No more than 4 credits can be from history, and no more than 8 credits from any single discipline. To qualify for this minor, student must submit evidence to his or her adviser that the coursework included a substantial focus on Latin America; this might include the syllabus or a term paper or project.


With permission of the program coordinator, students may select appropriate 399, 405, and 407 courses in the social sciences or Spanish. All papers written in elective courses must be on Latin American topics. The minor permits a maximum of 12 credits in history.

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