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2021-22 Catalog 
2021-22 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing, Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing

Central 211
Joanne Noone, PhD, RN, Academic Director

Associate Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Lecturer Affiliate
Carol Christlieb Dr. Glenise McKenzie Teri Copley Heather Freiheit Kyla Peterson
Dr. Rick D. Daniels Dr. Stephanie Sideras Deidre Goldberg  Trish Kohan  
Joanne Noone Heather  Voss Lucy Jackson  Fran Voss  
    Dr. Joan Smith  Donna Dial  
    Dori Steers    
    Ranae Womack    
    Nancy Yie    


The Nursing program at SOU are offered by Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) School of Nursing.  OHSU offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in nursing for students with no previous nursing education on five campuses across the state, including the SOU campus. OHSU also offers additional pathways to achieve the bachelor of science in nursing degree through the accelerated bachelor or baccalaureate completion program for current RN’s. For more information about these options please see the web page at www.ohsu.edu/son.  OHSU also offers master’s and doctoral programs.


Bachelor of Science with a major in Nursing

Master of Nursing, Master of Public Health

Doctor of Nursing Practice, and Doctor of Philosophy

See OHSU catalog at www.ohsu.edu/son for available options.

Bachelor of Science with a minor in nursing Program

The baccalaureate program is a three-year program designed for students to simultaneously complete the nursing coursework through OHSU along with additional credits of non-nursing coursework through SOU.  The nursing program provides an essential foundation for professional nursing licensure and practice.  Nursing courses build on and complement the liberal arts and sciences foundation required for professional practice. The graduate of this program is eligible to complete the registered nursing licensure examination and is prepared to assume responsibility for providing professional nursing care.


Upon entering SOU, pre-nursing students are encouraged to contact the OHSU School of Nursing for advice on choosing a nursing course of study.  Once admitted to the nursing program at OHSU, a nursing faculty member is assigned to assist with nursing advising options.

Admission to OHSU

Students are admitted once a year for the fall entry term. Applications are only available online beginning September 1st with a submission deadline of February 15th.  Applicants must have completed 45 quarter credits prerequisites at a regionally accredited institution prior to matriculation.  Although students may apply while in the process of completing admissions prerequisites, 30 quarter credits must be completed by the end of Fall term prior to application. The 30 quarter credits must include Anatomy and Physiology I and Intermediate  Algebra/Math 95 or higher. Students who are offered admission to the nursing program must complete the remaining credits to meet the required total of 45 quarter credits prior to matriculation.  A minimum prerequisite GPA of 3.0 is required to be eligible for application review. Only prerequisite courses will be used in the GPA calculation.  Please refer to the OHSU School of Nursing website for application criteria and deadlines: (http://www.ohsu.edu/son) or contact the OHSU  School of Nursing Office of Admissions at 503-494-7725 or at proginfo@ohsu.edu .

Transfer of Credits

There is no time limit on non-nursing courses meeting prerequisite coursework.  Transcript evaluations are available through the School of Nursing.

Acceptance of nursing courses from CCNE- or OSBN-accredited nursing programs is subject to review by School of Nursing faculty, who evaluate comparability and determine the number of credits that may be granted.

Prerequisites for 3-year Bachelor of Science Program

Anatomy & Physiology w/lab 12cr

Intermediate Algebra/Math 95 or higher

English Composition 6cr

Nutrition 3cr

Human Development-Lifespan 3cr

Social Science Electives 6 cr

General Electives up to 15 cr - suggest that 3cr be in humanities

Non-Nursing Course Requirements

Please see the OHSU School of Nursing web site for complete program of study for the BS degree, major nursing requirements: http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/education/schools/school-of-nursing/programs/undergraduate/bs-degree/bs-program-study.

Baccalaureate Completion Program for Registered Nurses (RNBS)

Qualified RNs with an associate degree in nursing from an Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE) school as well as those from other associate degree or diploma nursing programs, are welcome in the RNBS program.  RNs from OCNE associate degree programs complete 33 upper-division nursing credits in the program. RNs from non-OCNE associate degree or diploma programs complete 39 upper-division nursing credits.  All students complete non-nursing course requirements. Nursing courses are delivered online with an occasional face-to-face session. Clinical placements are usually in or near the student’s home community. This makes it possible for a working RN to complete the program in two years as a part-time, distance-learning student. A full-time option is also available.

RN/BS Nursing Course Requirements

For specific information about the RN program, contact the OHSU School of Nursing at proginfo@ohsu.edu or visit www.ohsu.edu/son then click on Programs, Undergraduate, RNBS.


Students must file an electronic OHSU School of Nursing application, which can be found at www.ohsu.edu/son. Application deadlines and frequently asked questions can also be found on the Web site or by contacting the OHSU School of Nursing Office of Admissions at 503-494-7725 or at proginfo@ohsu.edu .


Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN)
Collegic Commission on Nursing Education (CCNE)