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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog

Chemistry, BA or BS

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Requirements for the Chemistry Major


Fulfill baccalaureate degree requirements.


Complete the core curriculum for either the BA or BS degrees.


Complete the chemistry major core courses.


Complete courses for one of the approved options. Students planning to attend graduate school are strongly encouraged to complete an ACS-accredited degree. Students planning a career in medicine or health (medical, dental, pharmacy, physician’s assistant, optometry, or veterinary medicine) are strongly encouraged to complete a BA degree in chemistry.


Maintain a 2.0 overall GPA in all upper division chemistry courses.


Complete an outcome assessment portfolio demonstrating proficiency in, but not limited to, core academics, oral and written presentations, instrument and computer skills, research, and cooperative learning.


Present a comprehensive capstone research poster to the department faculty.


Present a comprehensive research presentation to the department faculty.


Complete departmental exit survey.


The student’s entire program must be approved by a chemistry advisor.


Chemistry majors are ineligible for a Chemistry minor.


When considering adding a minor or second major to your academic plan, you may have opportunities to meet a requirement in more than one program with a single class.  Specifically, Chemistry majors are eligible for any other majors, minors and certificates offered by any other program on campus without restriction, including but not limited to a major or minor in Biology, Computer Science, and/or Mathematics.

Chemistry Capstone

All Bachelor of Science students must complete the Senior Project as described below. Students completing the Forensic Chemistry Option, BS  may substitute one of the following upper division Chemistry lecture and lab course combinations in place of this requirement: CH 411 /414  or CH 442 /444 /444R  or CH 443 /445 /445R .

Chemistry Major Core Courses (for BS degrees)

(51 chemistry credits, 12 mathematics credits, 18 physics credits)

Chemistry Major Core Courses for the BA Degree

(55 chemistry credits, 8 mathematics credits, 15 physics credits, 16 biology credits, 8 psychology credits)

Additional Requirements

Additionally, students must satisfy the bachelor of arts degree requirements as listed. This includes one year of a foreign language at the second year level and 48 total credits in the humanities (courses toward University Studies may be counted toward these credits). Students with career interest in a medical field are strongly encouraged to complete this requirement by choosing a mix of the following recommended courses:

Elective courses

The remaining credits necessary to meet the minimum number required for graduation may be selected based on individual student interest, a particular field of study, or the requirements of a specific graduate program. Recommendations are given for specific fields of study.

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