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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies is designed to combine the theory and practice of multiple strands or disciplines of inquiry originating in a variety of other academic areas, such as the social sciences, sciences, humanities, education, and business. These degrees provide an opportunity for substantial academic preparation and advanced mastery in interrelated areas of study that have the power to stimulate multidimensional views of complex knowledge. Students in this graduate program build multifaceted competencies, creative practices, and broadminded perspectives that may reach across a select range of discourses and experience. The multidisciplinary structure of these programs provides a flexible curriculum of coursework tailored to participants’ intellectual interests, personal satisfaction, and career advancement in fields relevant to the challenges of life, work, and learning in diverse settings within the twenty-first century.

At least 48 credits are required for the interdisciplinary studies graduate degree. The curriculum consists of a first-year cohort experience wherein students clarify academic goals and chart a course through the program (MIIS 520 - Fall term), produce an academically rigorous literature review in a topic area relevant to the student’s interest areas (MIIS 521 - Winter term), and then conduct a study using qualitative research methods (MIIS 522 -  Spring term). It is important to note that students must pass MIIS 521 to continue in the program. Each student, under the guidance of the Program Coordinator, selects the remaining courses, with one major area of concentration required (16-28 approved graduate credits) and classes in at least one other academic area. A culminating thesis or project is required with an oral defense.

Given the highly customized nature of this program, students should contact the Program Coordinator to fully understand which academic areas are available and explore the best fit for their interests.