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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, BA or BS

Requirements for the Major


Fulfill baccalaureate degree requirements.

  1. Students meeting the core curriculum requirements and the mathematics major requirements automatically meet the BS requirements.
  2. Students wishing to receive a BA should pay careful attention to the BA degree requirements listed in General Degree Requirements  .


Complete core curriculum requirements or, if qualified, the University Studies requirements for transfer students. Mathematics majors meet the writing and research requirements by successfully completing three required courses:


All courses required for the major must be taken for a grade. No more than two of the requirements may be met with a grade below C-.


Complete the required courses specified below, including the capstone.  At least 20 upper division math credits must be taken at SOU.

Required Courses

Computer Science

(3–4 credits)

Must complete by the end of the sophomore year with a grade of C- or better. Select one course from:

Upper Division Sequences

(39–41 credits)

2. Analysis

3. Abstract Algebra

4. Probability and Statistics

5. Applied Area

Capstone Experience

(4-8 credits)

The capstone project allows students to draw on their mathematical background while investigating a topic that is either beyond, or not readily available in, the standard curriculum. As part of the capstone, students produce a final paper and give an oral presentation to a general audience including faculty and mathematics students. Normally, the capstone requirement is satisfied within a year of graduation by successfully completing the Senior Colloquium (MTH 490 ). Successfully completing the Mathematics Honors Program  also satisfies the capstone requirement. As a third option, and pending availability of resources and departmental approval, an intensive project tailored to a student’s demonstrated interests in Mathematics Education may be pursued in lieu of MTH 490. Students interested in this option should contact the Chair at least two terms before their senior year.

Mathematics Education Capstone

Students interested in working on a Mathematics Education Capstone, must complete the following:

1. In their junior year, students must successfully petition the Mathematics Department for permission to complete a Mathematics Education Capstone.

2. Mathematics Education Capstone students work with a faculty mentor throughout their senior year independently studying a mathematics education topic and preparing a paper. The 9-12 credit project is composed of 5-8 credits of research (MTH 401 ) and 3-4 credits of thesis (MTH 403 ).  The successful completion of these 9-12 credits satisfies the capstone requirement for the mathematics major, replacing the MTH 490  (Senior Colloquium) requirement.