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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog

Sociology and Anthropology, BA or BS

The Sociology and Anthropology program honors the shared intellectual foundations and inquiry of two distinct disciplines. Our curriculum emphasizes an appreciation of diversity and a critical, historical, and comparative perspective of our social world. Students develop the analytic skills and research techniques for understanding identity, behavior, culture, power, and social change. Students engage in learning in and out of the classroom to prepare for a wide range of careers and graduate education.

Requirements for the Sociology and Anthropology Major:


Fulfill baccalaureate degree requirements.


A minimum of 66 credits in the major, 54 of which must be upper division. All credits earned toward the major must be taken for a letter grade, except practicum.


A minimum 2.7 GPA in major courses required for graduation, earning a C- or better in all major courses.


Complete MTH 243  or EC 232 , earning a C- or better.


Complete core requirements outlined below:

Core Requirements:

I) Foundations (12 credits)

Select one course from list below (4 credits)

Select one additional lower division SOAN course (4 credits)

Please note that some upper-division courses in the curriculum require specific lower-division prerequisites.

II) Core Research Methods Courses (all required–12 credits)

III) Research Methods Elective (select one course from list below – 4 credits)

V) Upper Division Electives (select four courses - 16 credits)

Choose four upper division SOAN classes (not including those classes that a student will count toward requirements outlined above or below).

VI) Practicum (4 credits)

VII) Senior Experience (6 credits, 2 credits per term)

Students must complete SOAN 301  and SOAN 302  before enrolling in SOAN 414A  . In addition, students are expected to complete at least one additional Research Methods course and one Conceptual Thinking course before beginning capstone.