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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music, Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor of Music is a professional degree program with a disciplinary foundation oriented toward advanced development of general musicianship allied with competence in an area of specialization. The program’s focus is to prepare students to express the highest level of musical artistry and creativity and for careers in the performing arts.  Students who seek the Bachelor of Music degree will specialize in one of two areas: performance or music education.

Requirements for the Major:

All music majors must:


Fulfill baccalaureate degree requirements.


Pass all sequential music theory and aural skills courses with a grade of C or better to continue.


All music majors taking applied lessons (MUP 190 - 490) are required to perform before a jury at the end of each term.


Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in all music courses throughout their studies to receive the Bachelor of Music. Any student who falls below will be placed on a one term probation; if the minimum GPA does not increase to above 3.0, the student will be moved to the Bachelor of Arts or Sciences in Music degree program.


Pass ten terms of the 0-credit, P/NP MUS 165 - Concert & Recital Attendance . For transfer students, take MUS 165 - Concert & Recital Attendance  for the number of terms left to complete degree at SOU or transfer equivalent.

Bachelor of Music Concentrations

Bachelor of Music students must choose one of two areas of concentration:  Performance Concentration, or Music Education Concentration.

Performance Concentration

The Performance Concentration requires an additional 68 credits beyond the Music Core:

Music Education Concentration

The Music Education Concentration requires an additional 50 credits beyond the music core: