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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Criminal Justice, BA or BS

Requirements for the Criminal Justice Major


Complete at least 73 credits in the major.


Have earned a 2.4 GPA or above in all CCJ coursework; have earned no lower than a C- in any CCJ coursework.


Fulfill the baccalaureate degree requirements.


Criminal Justice majors are not eligible for the Criminal Justice minor.

Criminal Justice Capstone

Criminal Justice majors complete the capstone experience after earning at least 135 credits and finishing at least half of all required upper division coursework. The capstone involves 4 credits of either internship (CCJ 409L ) or research (CCJ 400 ). The internship is usually a field experience appropriate for the student’s projected career, and it can be taken in multiple terms if needed.  In the research course the student writes a significant research paper on a criminal justice topic and makes an oral presentation.

Required Courses for CCJ Majors

Skills Developing Courses - 16 credits minimum

Theory Courses - 8 credits

Select two of the following:

Upper Division Electives - 20 credits

Select five of the following*:

*Courses taken to fulfill any of the requirements above will not also count toward the elective requirement.