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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog

Music, BA or BS

The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Music degree provides the groundwork in musical arts without a specialization. The curriculum equips students with a foundation in creativity, music theory, aural training, music culture, individual music coaching, and a cooperative ensemble performing experience. The BA/BS in Music allows a student the opportunity for exploration of other academic disciplines or a concentration within the Music program.

Requirements for the BA or BS in Music

All BA/BS majors must:


Fulfill baccalaureate degree requirements. Students who want to pursue the BA in Music should plan on taking courses to fulfill the BA requirements. For the BS degree, in addition to the core core curriculum, students should plan on taking courses that fulfill the BS degree requirements.


Pass all sequential music theory and aural skills courses with a grade of C or better to continue.


All music majors taking applied lessons (MUP 190-490) are required to perform before a jury at the end of fall-spring terms.


Maintain a 2.75 GPA in music courses.


All BA/BS in Music students must complete one of the following approved concentrations*:

* By completing their concentration and the other requirements for the major, students will also have completed the requirements for a certificate in their chosen concentration area.


Select 6 credits from MUS 351 MUS 384 , MUS 385 , MUS 386 , MUS 387 , MUS 388 , MUS 391 , MUS 393 , MUS 394 , MUS 395 , MUS 396 , MUS 397 , MUS 398 .

Upper Division Music Theory Elective

At least 3 credits from MUS 440 , MUS 441 , MUS 442 , MUS 443 , MUS 444 , MUS 445 , or MUS 446 .