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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog

Spanish Language Teaching, MA

The Master of Arts in Spanish Language Teaching offers the opportunity for middle school, high school, and community college Spanish teachers to complete a master’s degree over the course of three summers. The program is offered through the SOU Summer Language Institute for Spanish teachers at SOU’s sister institution, the Universidad de Guanajuato in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Each summer, teachers can earn up to 18 credits over two three-week sessions. Completion of the master’s degree program requires a total of 48 credits. Up to 6 graduate credits may be transferred from other institutions.

Requirements for Master of Arts in Spanish Language Teaching

Complete 48 credits in graduate-level Summer Language Institute courses. Up to 6 credits of coursework may be accepted from other institutions. (Courses eligible for transfer credit must have been taken within the last three years at the graduate level. Advisor approval of course syllabus required.)

Core Courses (20 credits total):

Pedagogy Companion Course (10 credits minimum):

(2 credits each, repeatable)

One-Credit Electives

(No more than three credits from this section may count toward fulfillment of the 48 required credits for graduation. Students who are accepted into the program with Intermediate High (IH) oral proficiency will be required to take more, raising their total credits beyond the 48 credits minimum, as they are required to take these classes each session until they test at the Advanced Low proficiency level.)

Total Credits: 48


Master’s candidates must be currently teaching Spanish at the middle school, high school, or community college level and must have taught for at least one year prior to applying. They must submit a resumé, two letters of recommendation that address their teaching and language experience, a statement of their educational philosophy, and a copy of an ACTFL certified oral proficiency interview rating of Advanced Low or higher. Students at the Intermediate High level may be admitted on a conditional basis. Application materials are available at https://inside.sou.edu/summerlanguageinstitute/application.html.


Summer Language Institute courses are available as space allows to non-master’s-seeking students who may want additional coursework to improve their teaching skills, language proficiency, or cultural understanding or who may need additional graduate-level coursework to maintain or renew their certification.  Students completing their Master’s degree must also take SPAN 503 Thesis for 1 credit each term while working on their Action Research project (minimum of 3 credits) and SPAN 504 Action Research Presentation to present their project.