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2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Business Certificate (IBC)

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Donna Lane, Advisor  541-552-8203
Curtis Bacon, Advisor  541-552-6487

As the world of business becomes increasingly more global, the need for international exposure and a competent cultural intelligence increases. An International Business Certificate (IBC) gives students these tools and a competitive edge when applying for jobs. This certificate program provides students with opportunities to gain expertise in business decision-making in an international environment; to interact with students and businesses both in the US and abroad through active student exchange programs and guided international study opportunities; and to experience foreign cultures, ideas, and belief systems.

The International Business Certificate combines internationally-focused coursework from a number of disciplines (business, communication, economics, foreign language, geography, and sociology) with an opportunity to study abroad. The certificate requires the completion of 36 credit hours, consisting of 20 credits of core courses and 4 global units of 16 elective credit hours (1 global unit equals 4 credit hours). Students may earn global units by a combination of the following methods: international exchange, internship with an international business organization or the Office of International Programs, participation in an approved international business conference, and approved elective coursework.

All courses taken for the IBC must be completed with a minimum grade of C and a minimum 2.5 GPA. The International Business Certificate is open to undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students. The certificate will be awarded to undergraduate students who meet its requirements and the requirements for a BA or BS degree at Southern Oregon University. Postbaccalaureate students will be awarded the certificate by completing the credit requirements.

Required Core Courses

(20 credits)

Required Electives (16 credits equals 4 global units)

Each student must complete a total of four global units (1 global unit equals 4 credits). Students may earn global units by the following methods, singly or in combination:

1. International Exchange

(1–4 global units possible). Three- to six-week summer program equals 1 global unit, four months abroad (one semester) equals 2 global units, and nine months abroad equals 4 global units. Note: For foreign exchange students, one year of full-time matriculation at SOU equals 4 global units.

2. Internship with an International Business or International Office

approval required (1–2 global units possible).

3. Participation in an approved International Business Conference.

Requirements include writing and presenting a paper at the conference, attending and summarizing other conference sessions, and (upon return to SOU) presenting the paper and conference highlights to students and faculty members (1 global unit possible).

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