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2012-13 Catalog 
2012-13 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional Science Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics

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The Professional Science Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics prepares students for careers in industry and provides additional expertise for working professionals. The program is designed to meet the objectives of a Professional Science Master’s degree program (http://www.sciencemasters.com/). Students pursue advanced theory and techniques in applied mathematics while simultaneously developing workplace skills highly valued by employers. All courses focus on applying mathematics to real-world problems. The degree requires an internship to give students practical experience in applying their knowledge.

Graduate students have opportunities to engage in research and help the department in a variety of ways. Assistantships providing tuition and a stipend are available.

Admission Requirements

Students must meet SOU admission criteria (http://www.sou.edu/admissions/graduate/) and then be approved by the department for admission to the graduate program. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. The department evaluates applications on based on the following:

1. undergraduate GPA in mathematics courses (and see below);
2. GRE general test scores;
3. three letters of recommendation;
4. an essay statement of objectives; and
5. an interview.

Note: Students for whom English is not their native language will also be required to pass an English proficiency exam (TOEFL) with a sufficiently high score to gain admittance.

Students with undergraduate degrees in other disciplines are welcome. The following course work (or its equivalent) with a grade of B or better must be completed in order to gain full admittance to the program:

1. Single Variable Calculus (MTH 251  , MTH 252  , and MTH 253  )
2. Linear Algebra (MTH 261  )
3. Multivariable Calculus (MTH 281  )
4. Differential Equations (MTH 321  )
5. Calculus-based Probability (MTH 361  )

Students without these prerequisites may still apply for graduate admission and can be admitted as a post-baccalaureate student. If accepted, these students are guaranteed full admittance to the graduate program after successful completion of the prerequisites.

Degree Requirements

All students must complete a minimum of 57 credits of approved graduate coursework. These must include the following:


Sixteen (16) credits of MTH 521  Topics in Applied  Mathematics:


Four (4) credits of MTH 561  Topics in  Statistics:


Four (4) credits of additional applied mathematics:


Twelve (12) credits of MTH 571 Applied Industrial Mathematics Seminar:

  • Seminar runs every quarter with changing focus.
  • Students work in teams and individually to devise solutions for a particular business’ problems, and communicate solutions effectively both orally and in writing.
  • All applied mathematics PSM students must be enrolled every quarter of the program.


Twelve (12) credits in approved support courses, chosen from the following list (or approved by the program coordinator). At least 3 credits must be from Business.


At least six (6) credits of internship or independent research (MTH 509  ).

  • Includes a minimum of 180 hours working with a business, industry, nonprofit organization or local, state, or national government agency utilizing applied mathematics.
  • Internship must be approved by program coordinator.


Three (3) credits of final project (MTH 503  ).

  • Includes a written report and oral presentation to the faculty.

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