Jul 09, 2020  
2015-16 Catalog 
2015-16 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Outdoor Adventure Leadership (OAL), BA or BS

(72-81 credits)

The outdoor adventure leadership major is designed from an integrative perspective offering comprehensive coursework in outdoor leadership, outdoor recreation management, adventure planning, tourism, risk management, stewardship, conservation, and preservation. The curriculum helps prepare students for a variety of certification opportunities in the outdoor recreation profession, including Avalanche I (Forest Service); Leave No Trace Instructor and Swift Water Rescue (ACA); Open Responder (WSI); Safe Serve, Challenge Course Facilitator, and the National Recreation and Parks Association Certified Parks and Recreation professional certification.

Graduates from this program are prepared to pursue studies in higher education and/or vocational pursuits in the areas of adventure services, parks and recreation services, outdoor recreation leadership and management, tourism, camp management, parks and recreation services, guide services, adult and youth recreation, and adventure programming.

Choose one class from the following:

Mandatory Field Experience

A mandatory field experience that includes a minimum of 7 consecutive days in the field  must be completed by all students seeking a BA/BS degree in OAL.  The experience must be completed during the time in which the student is enrolled at SOU and actively pursing an OAL degree. Students will participate in significant planning in the following areas: travel logistics, risk management, food menu and preparation, and expeditionary behavior and leadership expectations. This experience may be fulfilled through OAL 495/595 (Outdoor Pursuits) or as approved by an OAL advisor.


Health and physical education and outdoor adventure leadership majors complete the capstone experience during their senior year. This is usually a field experience appropriate for the student’s projected career involving placement in a fitness/wellness, athletic training, classroom, medical setting, or outdoor recreation setting. Students are required to write a significant paper about the experience and to make an oral presentation to their peers.