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2016-17 Catalog 
2016-17 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, BA or BS

Requirements for the Major

1. Pre-Business Core Requirements

 Completion of these courses is required for full admission to the School of Business.

A. Non-Business Core Courses (24 credits)

Complete the following non-business courses (some of these courses may also meet University Studies requirements):


Additionally, students must have successfully completed the above lower division Business core classes with a minimum grade of C-, regardless of where the class was taken.

2. Upper Division Business Core (36 credits)

Complete upper division business core courses:

(Students may begin taking these courses after full admission to the School of Business.)

3. Focus Concentration

Complete one of the following business administration concentrations:


Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA in SOU business administration courses required for graduation.


Except for Internship (BA 409  ), no lower division business administration core courses or upper division business administration courses may be taken P/NP.


Complete a total of 180 credits. Includes a minimum of 52 credits in upper division business administration or other upper division courses as approved by the Chair of the business program.


Take at least 36 credits of upper division business administration courses at SOU.

Additional Requirements

All business administration majors are required to complete one of the following, in addition to the School of Business requirements:


A minor in an area outside the School of Business programs


An approved SOU Certificate


Participation in an SOU-approved study abroad program for a full academic year. (Coursework must be pre-approved by the School of Business Study Abroad Advisor.)

Sample Curriculum Pre-Business Administration Major

(181 credits)

  Credits by Term
First Year F W S
University Seminar (USEM 101-103) 4 4 4
University Studies 0 4 4
Micro and Macroeconomics 4 4 0
Business Computer Applications 4 0 0
Financial Accounting/Managerial Accounting 0 4 4
Orientation to the School of Business 1 0 0
Advanced Business Application: Excel 0 0 4
Total credits by term 13 16 16
  Credits by Term
Second Year F W S
Minor or Elective Courses 0 4 4
Elementary Statistics 4 0 0
Applied Business Statistics 0 4 0
University Studies 4 4 0
Business Law 0 0 4
Minor courses 4 4 4
General elective courses 4 0 4
Total credits by term 16 16 16

Sample Business Administration Major

  Credits by Term
Third Year F W S
300-level BA core courses 8 8 8
University Studies Synthesis or Integration 4 4 4
Minor or general elective courses 4 4 4
Total credits by term 16 16 12
  Credits by Term
Fourth Year F W S
Upper division BA courses 8 8 8
Internship or Business Research 4 0 0
Business Planning 0 4 0
Minor or general elective courses 4 4 4
Total credits by term 16 16 12

Many students choose to study abroad for a term or more during their junior or senior year. See an advisor to determine how international study will work best for you.